Online Gift Cards

Online gift card sales of a physical gift card (which most people prefer to give and receive) is expected to rise from $1.6 billion in 2009 to $5.86 billion in 2014.

– Javelin Strategy and Research

You have gift cards – and you have a website. And we have the solution to combine the two to help you start generating money online.

CMS offers a one-off gift card service which allows merchants to sell gift cards directly from their website. We can use your existing site, add a customized shopping cart and provide a secure system for gift card transactions.

CMS not only designs elegant online storefronts that are easy to use but we also offer fulfillment of the orders. We keep an inventory of cards and carriers in stock and when an order is placed we ship the card and personalized carrier. Our solution is ideal for any business wanting to sell their gift cards online without any work or hassle on their end.