Email Marketing

The more you stay in touch with your customers the better chance they’ll think of you first when making a purchasing decision.

CMS offers a full-service e-mail marketing program that can help you save time and money while engaging your customers. Just provide CMS with your campaign content and our team will take care of the rest! Our program includes the following:

  • Welcome E-Mail: Your customers will receive an e-mail thanking them for their patronage and participation in your e-mail club.
  • Sign-Up Materials: We design and create attractive sign-up forms and in-store displays.
  • Communication Tools: Simply and easily send up to two communications per month.
  • Social Media Integration: Share your e-mail messages on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Personal Occasion Offers: We can send out birthday and anniversary offers to your customers.
  • Holiday Greetings: Holidays and special occasions are a great time to thank your customers for their business and invite them to come in and celebrate.
  • Reporting: Our measured results can be tracked using some of the best reporting tools and layouts available.
  • Customer Feedback: We design custom surveys that provide valuable customer feedback to help you drive more business.